CV Peter-Paul Witta

Personal Data

Name Ing. Peter-Paul Leopold Witta
Marital status single, no children
Father DI Dkfm Peter-Paul Mayr, Chief Corporate Controller at Ericcson
Mother Dipl-Dolm Stefanie Witta, Journalist
Date of Birth June 2nd, 1976
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Current location Austria, Vienna
Homepage (multinational, including old photo)


1990 - 1995 Technical high school for data processing, Vienna (, Graduation Cum Laude in 1995
1995 - current studying for a DI (Diplom Ingeneur, MSc equivalent) in Computer Science with focus on database systems, distributed systems and transaction processing.
2002 Reception of Ingenieur Diploma of the Ministry for Labor and Commerce, Austria.


1990 Power Publish Vienna. Software support for Aldus Pagemaker and Quark XPress on Mac and Windows.
1992 Dataservice Informatik ( OS/2 Lan Server deployment
1992 Philips Telekom: Playing around with Novell Netware
1993 Philips C&P Services (now: Origin IT, Systems Administration for IBM 370/VM
1994 GiroCredit Informatik. End User and Network Support.
1994 - 1999 Development of Brokerage Application Services for SparDat Vienna on IBM S/390 Mainframes with DB/2 access.

Work experience

1997-1999 Development of APIS, an on-line course reservation and information system for the University of Vienna. Written in perl and mysql, running on Linux.
mar-oct 1999 Systems Administration and Application Architecture Design for IT.Development, Vienna (now: Yline Internet Business Services AG, Oracle Administration. Development and deployment of custom made high-availability solutions. Position: Senior Unix Administrator.
1999 co-founding of CUBiT IT Solutions GmbH, a leading OpenSource Technology Provider
1999-2000 System Engineer and Senior Technical Consultant at CUBiT, Vienna (
2000-2001 CTO and Technical Director at CUBiT
05/2001-08/2001 Member of the board of directors at Enition AG
09/2001 Management buyout of CUBiT IT Solutions GmbH
04/2002 CEO and shareholder of CUBiT IT Solutions GmbH
1994 - current Constant submissions of articels to magazines, including bi-weekly "WCM" (, "monitor" ( (both german). Topics include Linux, Databases, Internet technology.


IBM Mainframe CICS, Assembler, COBOL, VSE, MVS (OS/390), JES, ISPF, CA/VOLLIE, VSAM, DL/I, DB/2, Oracle, XPEDITER
UNIX SUN Solaris, HP/UX, Tru64, LINUX, Shell (bash), Perl, PHP, Services (sendmail, apache, samba, NIS, NFS, many more...) System Architecture (Performance, Reliability, Clustering, Security), Programming (C, Pascal, Perl, ...)
Networking TCP/IP, DNS, IPSec, Firewalling, PPTP, SMB (CIFS), NIS, NFS, LDAP, Cisco IOS
Databases and Transactions Oracle 7,8,9 DBA and Devloper, MySQL, PostgreSQL
DevelopmentEER, ER, OOA, OOD, UML (parly), SADT, HIPO, Extreme Programming, Revision Control Systems (MAESTRO, CA LIBRARIAN, RCS, CVS), Team Leading, Decision Making Techniques, Object Oriented Development and Design

Interesting Projects

1999 Migration of Unix Applications to MVS OS/390 2.8; setup of Oracle 7 on MVS
2000 turnkey ISP delivery for Callino Telecom; deployment of integrated ISP platform
2000 Scalability Talk at Exponet Vienna, Austria
2001 Project Lead in Rollout of High Availabe Oracle8 Cluster using Linux and DRBD
2002 OpenSource for Business, Talk at LinuxWochen Vienna, Austria
2003 Nagios Open Source Network Management, Talk at LinuxWochen Vienna, Austria
2003Deployment of load balancing DHCP cluster at EBEWE pharma
2003Nagios Workshop inluding SAP attachment to CCMS performance counters at Krankenhaus München Schwabing
2001-2003 technical consulting and technical lead for
2001-2003 work in Mission Critical Linux Cluster Architectures inlcuding MySQL, Oracle 8, DRBD, shared FC storage, heartbeat, networking
2003-2005 work in Mission Critical Computing. Focus on Linux-Clustering and Storage Work on NetworkAppliance Filers; Setup of central storage infrastructure at various clients, including medium an large sites.

Further Skills


Ballroom Dancing (standard, latin), Sailing, Reading, Gardening, Travelling.


I have strong technical skills as well as I like to work with people. Typical, I like to lead small (up to 10 people), powerful and therefor winning teams.

In terms of operation I like to focus on the strategic/technical viewpoint, but I try to keep commercial aspects, sales (pre and postsales) as well as delivery in projects and in a service organisation in sight.

Mostly I like to team up with a strong salesman, who can also handle details of lead generation, brand positioning and product marketing, accounting and tax management, and teams up with me in strategic decisions and presales as well as customer relations.